Hollrah LLC is a boutique law firm with a national practice dedicated to businesses that operate with contingent workers, including independent contractors. Founder Russ Hollrah, a former equity shareholder of the country’s largest labor and employment law firm, anticipated the trend of companies increasing their use of contingent workers and established the law firm in 2001 with a goal of striving to become the preeminent national law firm on the laws affecting those relationships. Each day, the attorneys of Hollrah LLC strive to meet this standard.

Hollrah LLC represents clients on structuring independent-contractor relationships in a wide variety of industries, and defending such relationships before federal and state administrative agencies.  The firm has successfully defended independent-contractor relationships against challenges before the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Labor and unemployment-tax agencies in many states, including California, New York, Illinois, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Ohio.

Because of the firm’s intensive focus on contingent workers, it has developed innovative business models that have enabled companies to successfully structure and defend their contractual relationships with independent contractors. Moreover, through the firm’s development of creative legal strategies and arguments, it has enabled companies to successfully defend their independent-contractor relationships based on legal theories of first impression before the relevant tribunal.

The firm’s contingent-workforce practice includes conducting independent-contractor audits of companies that evaluate, and offer concrete strategies for bolstering, the defensibility of independent-contractor relationships. To complement the independent-contractor audits, the firm also provides proactive training to a company’s corporate staff on best practices for doing business with independent contractors.

Thought leaders on contingent-workforce issues, Hollrah LLC represents companies and associations before the Congress and state and federal administrative agencies on such matters. Its attorneys are actively engaged in speaking and publishing articles on these issues.